Wednesday, 3 January 2018


It’s not about the likes, 
or about the exposure.
It’s not about the opinions, 
the inputs,
the feeds,
or the visuals. 
It’s about me. 
It’s about my well being. 
It’s about living.
It’s about enjoying life’s experiences. 
Learning from the mistakes, 
taking that leap, 
being unapologetic about my individuality.
It’s about trusting in God and the directions set in place. 
It’s about me.
It’s not about the clothes or the shoes, the makeup or the hair. 
It’s not about the things that are easily replaceable.  
It’s about things that are priceless. 
It’s about those memories that are irreplaceable. 
It’s about having a life worth living...

It’s about me. 

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