Saturday, 16 September 2017

Smile Susan

Laugh Susan.
Smile Susan.
You look so beautiful when you smile Susan.
What's up Susan?
Why's your face like that Susan?
You're damn too cute to be frowning Susan.

My smile can go from real cute to all 32 depending on the situation. We then have the in betweens, such as my infamous fake smile, to my 'I see you boo' grin. My smile replicates all 4 sides of my personality. Sometimes I don't smile, sometimes my face locks into neutral, and to me that's fine. However, not everybody gets that. People have approached me many times before asking me to smile more or to 'fix my face', and I understand that it's all out of love. But damn Gina! can I just live? Along with every smile comes with a frown, and if I have nothing to smile about I'm neither smiling nor frowning. 

I'm just being me.

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