Monday, 20 February 2017


 The realisation of womanhood finally clicked. 
I no longer felt like a little girl or believed that I was young, naive and still trying to find my feet skin deep. 

The mirror showed obvious signs that I was "womanly". 
From the small waist, to the wide hips and somewhat near existent boobs; 
my appearance had me believe that I was a grown woman.
 However, my mind, my thoughts and the way that I carried myself  was set in the ways of a child.

* Image taken from Tumblr*

Up until the age of 21,  being referred to as cute irritated my soul. 
My surroundings back then portrayed  "sexy" as confident. A woman that wasn't afraid to bare all, and could still capture the attention of others without even trying.
 I wanted to be just that.
Clouded by what I saw on social media, TV and magazines, my own idea of being a woman was vanity.

"Cute" just didn't cut it.
Long story short, 
my appearance may still look the same, but my mentality has changed drastically.
 The thoughts I once had are nothing but a distant memory. 

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