Saturday, 6 August 2016

DC | Dear 5

*Documenting Confidence*
Shot by - Nikki Auterska @la_nikk
Jumpsuit & Shoes - ASOS //  Bag  & Jacket - Zara //  Casio watch - ASOS

Hey hey!
As much as its easy for us to pick at our negatives, I thought that I would share 5
 positive things that I've learnt within my journey of documenting confidence so far.

1. I have the most affectionate smile.
- Just like the Dalai Lama once said "A genuine, affectionate smile is very important in our day-to-day lives." 
My smile is one of my best assets. Why? because I love how I feel when I smile, and I'm at my most prettiest when I'm wearing it.

2. Make no mistake, I'm beautiful, intelligent and not to mention a sassy BLACK woman.
- I don't say it enough. It's about time I DO.

3. Damn! Won't God do it!
- I am blessed beyond words, the strength that I have, and everything that I've accomplished so far in my 22 years of age is nothing but Gods doing.

4. My decisions & opinions are not meant to be explained.
- Just say it, no need to explain it. I used to feel like I had to explain every move that I made.

5. Be you and stay true.
- In a world that's constantly changing, it can be VERY easy to feel lost in the midst of it all. Explore, search and embrace, after all KNOWLEDGE is power. You can either allow it to enhance your foundation but DON'T give it the power to change it.

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