Wednesday, 13 July 2016


*Documenting Confidence*

"The enemy doesn't want us free. That's the very reason we must become free"
I believe that society can often give us a false sense of security in our insecurities. We dwell, we sigh, we fear, we doubt and sometimes we complain so often that you'd think that we actually liked the sounds of our if's, but's and cant's. I think I've dwelled in my self pity for far too long, enough to dislike it. The thought of not feeling good enough, pretty enough, or comparing myself to every bystander has ultimately become boring. From the objectification and scrutiny that we place, to the way perfection and confidence has been portrayed by the media, has only become a generalisation of how we picture ourselves. We compare measurements of beauty, we knock our inabilities down if things don't go in accordance to the collective acceptance of cultural standards. It's getting to the point where we're beginning to pass on these traits onto the younger generation. They're absorbing what we're distributing before they've even peaked the development of adulthood, and if we continue the way we do, insecurities and low confidence shall continue to start from an early stage.

Now here's where I come in: I've decided that it's my decision alone to see what I really am, to see the perfect image that I'm created in. It's my choice alone to make the decision myself and not allow society to make it for me. So here I am documenting confidence, documenting my journey on finding the true meaning, and not the fake stuff, not through clothes, or through society, but really just accepting myself through the eyes of God. After all we're all ugly to at least somebody, so in hindsight why should we care? Is society not human just like you and I.

I choose to be confident.

       Shot by - Nikki Auterska @la_nikk               
Jacket - Monki //  Dress - Zara //  Converse - UO

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